Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Receives 7.85 Inch Displays For iPad Mini Next Year Launch

It seems that Apple is receiving display screen samples from their components to internally test the new face of iPad, as the rumor mill suggests couple of the time that Apple might introduce “iPad Mini”. The Korean publisher UDN claims today that Apple has received 7.85-inch screen displays from both main component suppliers, LG Display and AU Optronics has delivered some sample screens to Apple today for the iPad Mini with having same display resolution of “1024×768”.

Apple is numerous times rumored by sources around the globe that they may introduce iPad Mini by the start of the next year. It’s still unclear how Apple and iOS devices developers can handle their apps to work properly on the smaller screen and how Apple would still maintain the resolution on iPad mini to show the Apps data correctly on the smaller screen.


In the past, Steve Jobs on the launch of iPad already spin off the business of the tablet competitors by claiming that 10-inch roughly the minimum screen size for the tablet, but now according to the rising trend by the competitors many analyst had observed that Apple has been noticing the whole market moves and may introduce a new killer of the small screen tablets.


On the same hand Apple is rumored by several to introduce the iPad 3 with wide range Retina Display which could maximize the resolution of the screen to extreme level. A smaller iPad at the lower resolution of the current iPad could enable Apple to lower entry-level price points for its tablet products if it does indeed view Amazon as a significant threat.


(via Unwired View)