Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Reaching New Heights, Worth More Than Google & Microsoft Combined

It appears that analyst was right on predicting the up fall in the Apple’s stock market shares value, as the company is reaching heights this morning in the stock market with the $460 billion market capitalization. Apple is one the way to make a new high record on his portfolio this month with the love from its investors. In short, if you have recently joined the Apple by purchasing APPL from the market, you are damn in profit as the shares’ blows from scrap $400 to $495 in a week or two.  APPL is currently in the market is trading at about $495, while beating the expectations of NASDAQ, which is absolute a new record for the company.

Let’s take a simple preview on the portfolio of the company by reaching the new market capitalization with billions of money in their hand. Apple is currently on $460 billion market capitalization, which means that Apple is more than the %10 of all NASDAQ combined. Well that may be more impressing for you, if you wait there with us to know that Apple is worth totally 52 times more than RIM total value, and amazingly 5 times more than Amazon’s and all of its components in the market.

Apple is currently in the market is twice the value of Google and almost double in the size of Microsoft, hell yeah! The Cupertino Company is making big rounds of the investors, and going to make another big payroll in the company history.  Apple is now worth more than Google and Microsoft combines.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, although the stock is expensive, it’s still a very good time to buy Apple.