Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple pushed out Mac OS X Purchase information for Business and Educational Institutions

Yesterday Apple released a sales web document clearing up the confusion behind the purchase and deployment of the newly released Mac OS X Lion, for the educational and business institutions. The Lion and Lion Server can be purchased by the Business customers, from Apple by calling 1-800-854-3680 or by entering the Business Store at license contracts are $29.99 per license with a minimum purchase requirement of 20 licenses. While you can grab the maintenance contracts for $49.9 and that too with a minimum purchase of 20 licenses. This could be clearly seen in this image below:

While as for the educational institutions, they will get Lion at $39.99 per license with a minimum order of 25 licenses as part of the Apple Software Collection package, which includes OS X, iLife and iWork.

According to TUAW:

Existing Volume License, Maintenance, and Apple Education Licensing Program customers will receive one redemption code for each contract that can be used to download Lion from the Mac App Store. That single copy of the Install Mac OS X Lion application is used to install Lion on other Mac systems at the school or business.

Once the install app has been downloaded, administrators just copy it to the target systems and run the installer. Administrators can use the System Image Utility in OS X Lion Server to build NetInstall (link to PDF) or NetRestore images to assist in performing mass deployments.

As for the updated news about the download, OS X Lion will come out in July at $29 exclusively on the Mac App Store.