Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Pulls Down Apple TV New Cloud “TV Shows”

Yesterday, we have reported about the Apple’s silent push update to its Apple TV users in Canda that enables the option of streaming the TV shows from cloud on the device. Apple silently pushes the update of Apple TV to users present in the region of Australia, Canada and U.K for the first time. The news makes a new wave on the web in the last 24 hours, and now it is reported that Apple again silently disables the option from the devices before losing anything on the consoles.

According to the pulled down of the feature, it seems that the feature is not ready completely to be launched in the public around the globe and therefore, Apple has removed it again. It appears that Apple has seeded the function mistakenly in the public of U.K, Australia and Canada or looking for some real time test of the service quietly.

However, the new firmware update comes over the air to Apple TV’s that includes a new section in the Apple TV interface with the name of “TV Shows” a category allows  the users to download the program on their console for rental or complete purchase of the TV Show. The new function allows users to watch and download the TV show episodes on the device that was recently purchased on iTunes using PC / Mac.

As reported by the other authorities on the web, it seems that it’s a little glitch in the firmware that needs fixing. Apple has yet to comment on the situation of the quietly removal of the new feature from the Apple TV firmware.