Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Apple Publishes “iTunes Live” and “FaceTime” Trademark In U.S

Apple has just send out the new filing of trademark rights on the terms of “FaceTime” and “iTunes Live” to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office this week. Both of the terms are now officially registered under the Apple’s Trademark in United States, both terms are now appearing in the database of USTO’s, and are expected to be registered for 30 days time.

The registering of the term “FaceTime” is important for Apple, because it also covers the “FaceTime For Mac”. By birth it’s originally branded as a iChat but later Apple rebranded its video conferencing API to FaceTime alongside while introducing it for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4-Gen). Its clear that Apple not want any type of legal issue to happen on the name of “FaceTime” the new service for its mobile phones available currently in the market.

Apple’s “iTunes Live” Trademark Published

Apple’s “FaceTime” Trademark Published

Apple’s Trademark Application In-Part for “Pod” Resurrects in Europe


If Apple is able to secure the “Pod” trademark, then they’ll be better able to legally defend their iPod trademark against copycats who could attempt to sell iPod knock-off products under similar branding such as “ePod” or “MyPod” etc.