Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Pressures Pegtron To Drop ASUS Zenbook Manufacturing Orders

It appears that Apple once again goes evil with its market competitors and recently found out itself in forcing components manufacturers to stop taking the new orders from its rivals if they want any order from Apple regarding the manufacturing of Apple’s products. The market research firm Digitimes recently reported on an article from Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times claiming that Apple had been forcing its manufacturing partner Pegatron to drop the orders and relationship with ASUS for the production of the new upcoming Zenbook.  Pegatron has just ended its relation with ASUS under the pressure of Apple. It appears that Apple is displeased from ASUS’s upcoming Zenbook that is reportedly carrying a similar design to Apple’s Macbook Air.

Apple reportedly was unhappy about Pegatron’s production of Asustek’s Zenbook models, which are similar to its MacBook Air, especially in its outer design, and therefore, demand Pegatron make a choice, claimed the paper, which added that Pegatron began to assemble iPhones for Apple in 2011 and is eager to solicit orders for next-generation iPads from the vendor.

Further more on this issue, the publication reported that Pegtron will going to drop down the production of the Zenbook by next month, and the ASUS is already moved on to other manufacturing partners for the production of its new upcoming Zenbook ultra-slim netbook.  However, Apple is quite good with its manufacturing partners, and its not the first time that Apple has pressurized any of its manufacturing partner on its terms.