Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Planning For Media Event In New York City This Month

Apple is reportedly planning to kick off a media party event in New York City soon in near future, according to All Things D. The firm is preparing for a media event at the end of this month, but the party is said to be on the smaller scale which means they will not going to announce anything at the party.

However, given the reputation of the firm, it can be anticipated that the party is going to be lavish even if it is held on a small scale. sources believe that this would kick off in the outdoors, somewhere in a golf club perhaps. The seating arrangements would probably be made under something like commercial party tents for sale. And there will be an abundance of technological gadgets to aid the needs of the visitors.

The company is recently rumoured to launch the iPad 3 and Apple TV at the start of this year, so everyone is guessing that something related to those products will be released at the event. However, till now there is no plan for a bigger scale media event by Apple in late January. Once again, we want to confirm that the media event is not in California or in Cupertino, so there are no chances of announcement of any device. But we can expect spy images of next-generation devices in the hand of high-rank VPs of Apple.


As reported by All Things D, multiple sources confirmed the media event plan of Apple in New York. The media event was first planned to happen the last month, but due to some unknown reason, the media event got delayed. Now it’s again reported to be happening at the end of this month. Keep in touch with us, we will keep you updated on the latest news regarding the media event in New York City.