Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple Pays An iPod Touch To Victim For iMessage Bug

In the last month of 2011, we have reported about the weird bug discovery in the protocols of iMessage that allows service to be sent private messages to a stolen iPhone, and the messages can be easily sent and received from the stolen device, even after the complete remote swipe and a complete SIM / carrier deactivation on the device. The issue was highlighted by the media, as the most serious bug in the service or a hidden draw back of the service servers which only learns to send messages on the devices on the base of their UDID’s not on their Apple’s ID or Carrier identification.

Apple had been asked by the media personalities to talk about this issue in public, and after this discovery some at Apple’s Store Genius bar got the same problem where the Genius over bar tries to solve his issue by putting his personal  SIM card on the user device. However, the original problem was sorted out, but after few hours both persons find out their self in a big problem where the Genius bar dude iMessages start going to the customers iPhone. The issue was also highlighted and this time finally we could be able to hear from the Apple’s person, which told media that it happened due to breaching the iMessage’s security protocol.

After all this cases, we come across to know that Apple silently contacted with the lady who lost his iPhone last year and her private iMessages start going on the stolen iPhone. Apple has told the media to clear out this problem, users have to manually toggle off the iMessages on their devices and once again turn on them. However, it is obviously not possible on the stolen iPhone and therefore Apple contacted the lady and talked to her, where she asked to compensate his privacy breach by a small iMessage bug.

According to the report, Apple has compensated the lady with a free iPod Touch where she could be now able to receive and send her private iMessages through the service. In all this issue, we learned one thing that the service is still based on the device UDID’s not the actual user Apple ID. So be careful before forgetting your device in any bar or place.