Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Patent Confirms Its Work On 3D iPhone, iPad & Other iOS Devices

Apple has reached the U.S Patent & Trademark Office once again with the registration of another new patent regarding the new technology discovery for their devices. Apple has submitted a patent related to introducing a 3D technology to future iOS devices. According to the patent discovery, the method not be the glasses-free 3D technology for the iOS devices that are actually already available in the market on the couple of other smartphones like HTC EVO 3D and Nintendo 3DS.  Instead of introducing the glass-free 3D technology, Apple is moving ahead to invent a new frame technology uses the device first-front facing camera to track the movement of human eyes, and the direct of light towards the device.

Patently Apple, on discovering the new patent in the U.S Patent & Trademark Office database reports that this new technology may be depended on the previous discovery of Apple inventions based on head tracking, and ambient light technologies for the iOS devices. According to them, if it ever going to make its way to the iOS device, then for surely it going to use a number of sensors built into the iOS device – such as the compass, accelerometer, and GPS — to create a “3D frame of reference” for the device.

The new technology is said to be capturing the frame of reference to reflect the inner UI of the iOS to the users, and provides efficient 3D effects to the objects on the user’s eye position; all of the new 3D work depends on the device front-face camers, as it going to help the intelligent processor to create a frame of reference to reflect inner details. Using this technique, Apple could also implement the number of different 3D effects in its iOS platform for the devices, and for surely it going to take a big time.

For Example, Apple could place some realistic shadows around the iOS objects within the device interface that works on the head tracking, and reference of the frame generated by using the latest technology. With the discovery of such technology, Apple could also create a whole 3D interface iOS version for the devices that uses the technology as a primary key to produce effects in the device display screen.

It all sounds very cool, but will Apple’s system be accurate enough to provide a usable 3D effect? I can imagine that by using the front-facing camera, other objects could be picked up in the background that might pass as eyes, providing the user with a very odd-looking user interface.