Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Owns Right Over “Steve Jobs” Personality, Stops Jobs Figurine Launch

Maybe many of you have seen or read about the realistic-looking figurine of Steve Jobs, which makes it the way to the headlines of publishers last week The company behind the Steve Jobs figurine last week announced that they will produce the realistic-looking figurine of Steve Jobs for the customers, and have already started receiving pre-orders from the users to start the production of the toy for market demand. The 12-inch figurine of Steve Jobs, which is said to be sold for $99.99 + shipping, is seemed to be the real & high detailed reproduction of Jobs look: the 12-inch figurine wearing Steve Jobs black mock turtleneck, blue Jeans and New Balance sneakers.

However, all the things go well. In Icon, the team behind the project reported to media that they have recently received a love letter from Apple to stop the production of the figurine, and change the plan of releasing the product in the market or ready to face the music for infringing the Apple’s right. Yes!

Steve Jobs Figurine

According to the The Telegraph report, the Chinese manufacturer has received a letter from Apple telling them to stop the production of the Steve Jobs production because it infringes the Apple right. As Apple stated:
Apple reportedly stipulates in a letter to the Chinese manufacturer that any toy that resembles the technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance or likeness of its products is a criminal offense.

In the  California, there is a law which prevents the China manufacture from producing the Jobs figurine, and state their reproduction as the infringement of Apple’s right. However, the In Icons have already announced to media that they are not going to change their plans, and they will release the doll soon in the market. According to the In Icons CEO, the Steve Jobs is not a hero, it’s a personality, and Apple doesn’t have any right to claim Jobs personality, and obviously Job is not an Apple Product.