Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Online Store Is Down, New MacBook Air and Mini Launching Today

So right after the leak of correct specifications of refreshed model of MacBook Airs and Mac Minis, people start reporting all over the world that Apple’s Online Store has gone down for their self, it’s a quite indication to our recent rumors which suggests that Apple to launch new hardware along the launch of Mac OS X Lion.



Yesterday in the Q3 earning call, Apple has confirmed the tomorrows launch of Mac OS X Lion worldwide in Mac App Store, on the other hand it was also rumored that new hardware will come out with installed OS X Lion, and will launch with it specially the long awaited MacBook Airs and possibly the new Mac Minis. All things rising the heat among the people, those who are waiting for the launch of the new MacBook Air and OS X Lion, as it was officially announced that Mac OS X Lion to come as a digital download from the Mac App Store, means no DVD will be sale to any one.