Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Apple Online Store Gets New Social Love For Twitter and Facebook

If you are one of those user who tried to access Apple Online Store in this morning, you must be welcomed with a note from Apple that the store is down, and start hoping that Apple may come with new products after downtime of Apple Store or just their system got crashed, after several hours of downtime, few hours back Apple Store again up, and surprising thing is without any change they online the store. Users and folks around the web from that time start finding that Apple has done with its Online Store, and at no one has found any big change in the design or any new product from Apple. But now MacRumors reported that Apple has give small design changes to its online store, which makes their Apple Online Store more social network friendly.

As noted by the folks over MacRumors, Apple has added links under the button of more, which allow users to share a page of product with their friends, family and followers. Apple has just embedded Facebook share link and twitter tweet link under the button, which allow user to share the page of the product on the specific social network site. Till now, it is the first change we have discovered, so if you have discovered some other thing ping us, we are up to cover your latest bit of news.