Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Officially Kicks “Mac” From OS X With Mountain Lion

Last year, it was reported clearly by sources on the launch of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that Apple had been thinking to drop the “Mac” word from their Mac OS X title, and looking forward to naming it as “OS X” in the future major and single updates of the Mac OS X. Apple has used “Mac OS X” title for more than 10 years to represent their owned operating system that is only capable to run on Macintosh machines.


It appears that with the launch of new Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview, Apple finally thinks to ditch the “Mac” word from their operating system, and named the new OS X Mountain Lion as “OS X” in the general page of the operating system, though Apple has still used the term “Mac OS X” in few press releases today, while still they have represented the Mountain Lion as “OS X” on the main product page of the operating system on their online website.

In a report from publication, Tim Cook the late CEO of Apple, says that “Mac” brand is still alive to them, and believes that Mac term is much suitable for the hardware products, instead of software.
With the launch of OS X Lion, Apple has started merging the Mac OS slightly with the iOS, and in the new update of Mac OS X it clearly appears that Mac OS X soon to be merged with iOS, as the Apple has borrowed a number of iOS key features in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion.