Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Apple Now Worth $301 Billion, As Much As Microsoft, HP and Dell Combined

Evaluating the value of company through the market cap is not the good tool, according to the report this week, Apple now worth $301 billion. Robin Wauters from TechCrunch wants to add some more spice in this report and took a look at the Microsoft’s, HP, and Dell’s market value in the PC Industry to check is they stand against the worth of Cupertino’s company. Well Apple doing great from themselves; with the combine market value of Microsoft ($200.3 billion), HP ($72.8 billion) and Dell ($29.3 billion) makes only $302 billion. It means that Apple they have only a billion over the Apple’s worth and may be Apple will cross this with the launch of new device.

Right now, the difference in market capitalization between Apple and Microsoft is roughly $100 billion. That’s more than the combined worth of Research In Motion, Nokia, Netflix and eBay.

Or: $100 billion is the sum of markets cap of Amazon and Adobe.

Or: $100 billion is only $15 billion shy of Intel’s total market cap.



Well if we combine RIM, Nokia, Netflix and Ebay against the worth of Apple, so obviously we get the result that Apple has more worth than these four giants, also Apples worth more than the combine worth value of Amazon and Adobe.


[via TechCrunch]