Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Apple Now Stops Siri On Non-Supported Devices

Typically we seem that Apple quickly move ahead to new iOS version update release whenever jailbreak hackers release new kind of exploit in the internet for the jailbreak lovers. This time it appears that Apple holds its new iOS version update to iOS 5.1 for the iPad 3 launch, and gives freer time to the jailbreak hackers to develop and design their programs easily. However, this year we have seen A5 untethered jailbreak exploits that jailbreaks the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. While most of the users jailbreaked their devices to enhance it, but few other peoples just did it to get the iPhone 4S Siri on their non-supported device.

Actually, Jailbreak developers made Siri clone and services to port it on other devices available on the internet and allowed users to easily port them while using their own generated and purchased new AuthTokens from iPhone 4S devices. The workaround did well in the market, as most of the users daily come to purchase such services and tokens from users around the web. It is recently reported that Apple has just start tackling the users who have been using these alternative methods to port Siri on their non-supported devices.

Apple has introduced a new type of SetActivationToken in the Siri system which starts bugging the Siri servers system on non-supported devices  Many users have reported around the social network sites that Siri has just stopped working on their non-supported devices using the Spire. Unfortunately, Apple has just fixed a little hole of the Siri service which caused these service out bugs on the non-supported devices, and this could be easily fix with a little workaround on your device file system.

The folks over iDB just get their self under the rock and found out a little workaround to fix the issue, to fix the server outage issue on your non-supported device you have to simply purge the file present in the var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ directory.  Well, there are few users who have reported that they have not faced any issue on their iPhone 4 Siri and as well as on iPad 2. But still there are a large number of users who have reported about this.