Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Apple Now Offers Unlocking AT&T iPhones At Checkpoint

After start selling unlocked iPhone 4’s directly from the Apple Store, now it seems that Apple unlocking the contract-free AT&T iPhones and the time of checkout. According to the report from the sources of 9to5mac, that they got words from the Apple Retail Project Manager which suggests that Apple now is capable to unlock AT&T iPhone 4’s at the point of checkout, they published a screenshot in proof of their news.

Basically, if a respective Apple Store is running low of the unlocked GSM SKUs of iPhone 4, they can pull out an AT&T SKU and, at checkout, the system can choose to unlock it. Obviously, this will only work if the customer pops out the full $650 for the 16 gigger or $749 for the 32 GB monster.

Well this happening for the first time, we have seen this year first time that Apple has start offering the purchases of iPhone’s directly from the Apple Store, and know they got the ability to unlock the AT&T iPhones.