Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Now Asking iOS App Developers To Submit Retina Screenshots

Apple has finally started clearly hinting on the upcoming features of the iOS devices like iPad 3. Apple has just informed the members of its iOS Developer Program regarding the new requirement of screenshots for the applications or games for the iPhone and iPod Touch must meet Retina resolution requirements, which come in at 960×640 on those devices. Apple has also today notifies the developers that any new update to their application should also carry the Retina display screenshots , and they must be present in the application in case developers want approval to their applications. Apple has been working from the last couple of years to minimize the range of Retina Display according to the iPad size, and finally this year going to introduce the iPad 3 with Retina Display. So may be due to upcoming arrival of iPad 3, Apple has been now start acquiring developers to submit retina images to their applications for the latest device.


Required iPhone & iPod touch Screenshot Upgrade for Retina Display

When you create or update your apps in iTunes Connect, you must upload screenshots that are high-resolution. We require your screenshots as high-resolution images so that your app is optimized for the Retina display.

The requirements for high-resolution images are 960 x 640, 960 x 600, 640 x 960, or 640 x 920 pixels. Images must be at least 72 dpi, in the RGB color space, and the file must be .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, or .png. You can update your screenshot files at any time in iTunes Connect.

Apple has been working for two or more years with developers created applications supporting non-retina display depth on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch screens but with the start of this year, Apple has start forcing developers to update their applications at least with Retina Display standard screenshots. The Company now wants all the active developers to be moved their applications on the Retina display scales, as the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3 device launch is pretty near.

The iPad 3 is already expected to be come out in the earlier week of next month, and to be carrying the 4G LTE technology chips along with the Retina display with dual back-lid lights empower the powerful retina display screens on the thinnest device form Apple.