Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple’s New Voice Assistant Technology, Siri Is Coming To Canada

Once again Siri the most appealing and attracting feature which was revealed by Apple on its Media Event will be making its way to Canada. Many of the Apple websites updated information about Siri and one Canadian Website missed Siri.

Siri Launching For Canada

Now loopinsight‘s writer confires the news that Siri will be coming to Canada with the iPhone 4S.He says that:

Many have become concerned that Siri will not be available in Canada, but it will. I’ve confirmed with Apple that Canadian users will be able to turn on Siri on their phones.

Siri is localized in US, UK and Australia, French and German Language and no support for Canadian Language was made by Apple. Now this nothing to worry about because Jim also told that he used the U.S version of iPhone 4S, Siri and it worked like charming for him.

I used Siri on an iPhone 4S for a little while this morning using the US version and it understood all of my commands, so Canadians shouldn’t have a problem when it’s released.

That’s pretty good. Now the wait is only for the upcoming iPhone 4S. The pre-orders for iPhone 4S will be starting from 7th of October and the released date is of 14th October. So get ready to pre order one iPhone 4S for your self and don’t forget that Apple is giving you an iPhone 4S in exchange for iPhone 4 used one. Make sure you don’t miss the offer. The details are present here.

Many of you won’t be buying an iPhone 4S in order to get Siri only. So no need to buy it because iOS Hackers have claimed that they will be porting Siri to non supported iOS Devices once they got their hands on iPhone 4S.