Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple New SIM Less iPhone Patent Unveiled

Since last October we heard couple of rumor reports which suggests that Apple may be introduce SIM less iPhone and will dubbed as global iPhone, which has capabilities to transmit dual GSM and CDMA both baseband and to come to without any slot of SIM. Today folks over AppleInsider discover a patent file by Apple which confirms the old rumors and says that Apple might working on it and will implement.  According to brief description of patent, Apple might be working to give full carrier access to iPhone users, means they are thinking to introduce a new way in which iPhone locally store carriers profiles and information through which users can select their wished carrier.

Also from deep report we learned that this feature will also allow users to select their wished plans directly from their device, such as you select Verizon, unlimited text, 400 minutes, and 2GB of data, the iPhone will know and the right configurations will kick in. The patent suggests that this feature will based on software which contains carrier configuration files. Apple registered this patent with name of “Method and Apparatus for Using a Wireless Communication Device with Multiple Service Providers”


Well at this point, I want to clear one thing that if Apple ever implement this type of feature in their phones and tabs, so it will take some time to come to every third carrier and also don’t expect this feature in the most upcoming iPhone hardware update.