Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Merged Software Update Into Mac App Store In OS X 10.8

As Apple has launched the first ever preview version of the next major Mac OS X Mountain Lion in the wild, we have seen the couple of new features of the next Mac OS X 10.8 is started surrounding all over the world with their renowned grip on the existing and new features highly borrowed from iOS. It appears that Apple has finally thought to move on with their traditionally Appleā€™s Software Update stand-alone program that had been used in the past since the launch of Mac OS X Leopard to serve the new Mac OS X Update easily on the Mac machines.

Last year, Apple launched Mac App Store, and to promote the store Apple released the Mac OS X Lion in the store to promote the digital media instead of going through DVD version of their next operating system. It seems that in the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion Apple has ditched the typical Mac Software Update tool in the newer version of the Mac and combines its work in the Mac App Store, which works similar to the iOS iTunes Store in our iPhone or iPad devices. Now the new software updates will directly appear in the Mac App Store, and users could only be able to install them from the Mac App Store.

Apple has integrated the typical Software Update program in the App Store, and killed the standalone feature of the software update program in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Including this, Apple has changed many things in the Mountain Lion, in short we can only say that Apple tried its best to transform Mac OS X Into iOS. Some earlier reports suggested that Apple had been thinking to merge the Mac OS X with iOS. However, at the moment Apple has not shown anything like that but the attempt to adopt several iOS features in Mac OS X hints at the beginning of their secret project.