Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple May Achieve Its 100 Million iPad Sale Record This Year

We are well known to Apple’s popularity in the world, and especially in the tablet world as the Cupertino Company has recently break many record and become the top tablet manufacturer of the world, while beating many technology maker beasts in the market like Samsung, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Apple had announced back in 2011, on holiday quarter that they have sold more than 15 million iPad units in a single quarter, and announced that they have totally sold around 55 million iPad units.

However, now Apple as expected by many analyst reports that the company will soon sold out its first 100 millionth iPad units in the 2012, the company has already sold out more than 55 million iPad units in the 2011, and now they are continuously blooming the top lists with their sales chart, and moreover, Apple is bringing the next generation iPad 3 in the public by next week in a media event. Analyst reports are hoping that Apple will also going to sell around 55 to 60 million iPad units this year, and will reach another milestone of selling 100 million iPad units in two years. Apple’s iPad is the most attracting tablet currently out in the market, and everyone is seeking to get at least one device for their selves.

In addition to local popularity of the iPad, Apple has also made a number of contracts with different agencies to deliver a number of devices to them, while many educational institutes are moving ahead and adopting iPads as to deliver their content to the students. Well, we cannot claim at the moment but can hope that Apple will sold 55 to 60 million iPad units in 2012, because the upcoming iPad 3 is appeared to be the beast tablet with some notable specifications like the Retina Display, LTE, Siri and much more.