Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Lost iPad Related Patent Lawsuit Against Small Android Vendor

It appears that Apple has just lost an iPad related lawsuit against a small android tablet making firm in Spain. Apple has filed a lawsuit against NK-T back in 2010, while introducing the original first-generation iPad and ask the jury to put a ban on the sales and import of their devices.  However, after the couple of months, it seems that small firm finally able to come back in the market with a title of defeating the big boss.

Apple has already won two preliminary injunctions against Android tablet maker Samsung in Germany, Apple reported that they are violating their design patents, and the Judge just ruled in the favor of Apple. NK-T is a small android tablet maker from Spain, FOSS Patents Blog, highlighted the case yesterday with complete legal documents from the company.  According to the several researched articles, we learned that Apple filed a complaint against NK-T back in November 2010 in Spain and ask the court for custom ban on the sales of their products.

FOSS Patents blog noted that NK-T market hurts a lot due to the Apple’s lawsuit against the firm. It appears that NT-K shipments were also seized at that moment from China, and the company as well found out itself listed on European Union list of product pirates. In addition to it, they had even found itself on the receiving end of criminal charges brought by Apple on December 9, 2010.

The notorious moves of Apple against the small firms degrades it self in the future lawsuit and similar preliminary injunction against Samsung product in Spain, as the firm has noted they will soon drag Apple into the antitrust room of the land.