Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Lining Up iPad 3 Component Manufacturers To Compete With Rivals

An interesting report comes from the desks of Digitimes, claims that Apple start lining up several Taiwan based companies to produce and supply the part of the Apple’s next generation iPad 3. The report mentions the four companies that were picked by Apple to supply parts, claims report: Novatek Microelectronics (LCD driver), Richtek Technology (integrated power management), Capella Microsystems (ambient light sensors) and Integrated Memory Logic (programmable gamma/Vcom buffer solutions). The report also mentions that Apple is trying to get the iPad parts at low cost to compete the other rival companies tablets, which were released in the past few months.


The report publicly mentioned that Apple is now “more willing” to get various integrated circuit module from the mentioned Taiwan based IC developer companies, to reduce the iPad’s bill of material. It is not clear what Apple wants to do, but lower cost parts may means clearly less expensive iPads. It is also mentioned in the report that Apple to provide more capabilities at the same price, and also its not clear when Apple going to start developing iPad 3 and launch it.