Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Rumored “iTV” Going To Cause Trouble For Apple In Near Future

Undoubtedly, Apple is working on variety of different products and testing most of them inside their research labs before even discussing and revealing to their manufacturer partners for the components used in the purported product. The Apple HDTV project is one of them, where no one knows what actually going to be happen, and relies on the analyst’s market research, as they have good sources over the supply chain and got their hands on the confidential information quickly than other.

In the last couple of months, we have been continuously hearing that Apple is preparing a new television set to overtake the whole cable market and revolutionize the TV market with their new product in the market. The story starts from the Steve Jobs official biography, where he told his biography author that he and his team finally cracked the code to achieve something big in the TV market, and according to the author, there is something big is cooking under the nose of Tim Cook, and the device is rumored several timed in the past to be releasing at the end of 2012. In addition to the HDTV product in the market, Apple is also rumored to be working on launching its own television content streaming services for its devices, in the end of this year. However, there are still no legit words from any inside source regarding the earlier claims, but it seems that there is one analyst who believes that Apple’s luck is not going to save it from the user’s anger in the television market.

Apple iTV - Rumored Mock Up

Anthony DiClemente, a media analyst over Barclays, has announced that he believes that Apple is not going to revolutionize the television market with its upcoming rumored iTV HDTV product, and the cable content streaming services all over the world for the iOS devices. We learnt from the past that, Steve Jobs also want to screw the AT&T but failed to achieve his goal, and then he started Apple’s contract over iPhone to AT&T, but still from the core he didn’t like the way the carrier’s handle their users, and therefore, he wanted to revolutionize the communication business back many years ago, before the launch of an iPhone.

However, the analyst over Barclays believes that Apple may unveil the incredible product in the cable industry to lead over the other service providers, and product manufacturers. He outlined the core idea of the rumored iTV HDTV; he highlights that Apple may unveil its new iTV HDTV with power of accessing and browsing through the internet, running different kind of iOS apps, and let users to control and play with the TV box using the latest discovered Apple’s intelligent Siri in iPhone 4S. In the previous rumors, we have also heard that Apple is testing a TV with running modified Siri into it, and will launch the final iTV with Siri functionalities, but according to DiClemente, the things are not going to impress the market, and will blow up the Apple’s reputation in the market with their flop product in the market.