Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple iTV (HDTV) To Come In Q3 Of 2012 With Siri

As usual the market research expert comes up with another report citing with their trusted sources and claim about the Apple’s iTV (HDTV), which makes it appearance in the Steve Jobs Official biography. Digitimes claimed that Apple is betting a lot of its attention in the manufacturing of HDTV for a summer 2012 launch of the device with two display ranges initially, the 32-inch and 37-inch variants.


According to publisher, the component suppliers for the iTV (HDTV) parts wills start shipping components in the first quarter of 2012, and Apple will prepare the device to launch in the Q2 or Q3 of the 2012, similarly they have launched the iPhone 4S this year. Digitimes citing with its sources fully claims that the new iTV product will be completely HDTV. In addition to the report, Digitimes added that other sources claimed that Apple will release a new version of Apple’s TV top-box in this year.

Apple iTV HDTV

Apple iTV (HDTV) is rumored to carry many astonishing features, like the iCloud integration and the latest Siri to control the Tv with the voice, in addition to it will helps the Apple in revolutionizing the Tv industry with their product launch. The Digitimes report also cities with the Korean press recent stories that claims that Samsung Electronics is also involved in producing the chips for the Apple newly rumored branded HDTV, and the Sharp who recently snatched the Samsung orders will involved with Apple by producing the displays for the devices.


There are few other reports floating on internet, which are carrying the other part of the story regarding the Apple HDTV. As the WSJ claimed that Apple high profile executives in talk with media companies regarding the availability of their newly rumored Apple HDTV in the market with the mind blowing feature of Siri controlling.