Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple is Teasing Developers With Future iDevice Hints In iOS 5.1 Beta 2

It seems that Apple is getting impressed by the T.V show called “ Punk’d“. Punk’d was one of the most popular show on MTV. The show used to Punk people with the help of their friends on some special occasion. But, to release iOS 5.1 Beta 2 is not any special occasion or great moment to celebrate. Obviously no one gets excited after the release of any new iOS or iOS Betas. This time it seems that Apple is very much excited and has started to play with the Developers out there. Apple has revealed some unrelated and fake references in iOS 5.1 Beta 2. The iOS 5.1 Beta 2 was released today for Developers only.

The newly release iOS 5.1 Beta 2 is still in testing to find out about the new things added and changes made. With the release of every iOS Beta and iOS public release, we came across the future Devices planned for the release in near future by Apple. This time Apple has played a game with its users by referencing all the future iDevices in iOS 5.1 Beta 2.

How far could you think that the iPhone,iPod, iPad and Apple TV Could go? Like iPhone 3,1 is iPhone 4 and iPhone 4,1 is iPhone 4S. Like this how far can you think of the innovation can Apple make?

If you stop at iPhone 6,1 or iPhone 7,1, then you are wrong. Apple has already revealed the future iDevices in its iOS 5.1 Beta 2.The number of the Devices is outrageous and amazing.See your self.

Above is the findings made by Mark Gurman of 9to5mac. The above reference of future iDevices found in iOS 5.1 Beta 2 are pretty much fake. Apple has seeded dozen of fake preference for its iDevices like, “iPad10,1”, “iPhone11,3”, “iPod11,1”, and “AppleTV8,3”.

On the other hand this is a smart move made by Apple. Now it would be very difficult to detected the future iDevices, As Apple has referenced every single product in the USBConfiguration.plist file.