Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple Is Seeking To Launch Its Own Television Streaming Service

In the past we have heard from sources that Apple is working on some video services in the iTunes to deliver something new to their iTunes lover, but we have never heard or imagined that Apple will ever think to become a TV service provider, and wants to stream the television channels by its own house to millions of devices out in the world. A new report from the New York Post suggests that Apple is looking ahead to launch its own Television streaming services for its most loyal users on the wide range of iOS devices in their hand.

We have heard back in past that Apple is about to release its own HDTV Apple Television, a step to take its self into the television market. However, the rumor initiated right from the Steve Jobs Official Biography on which he claimed that they have successfully cracked the code to hit the Television Market to revolutionize the way in which users interact with television devices. But, a new report claims that Apple is much interested to kick out its own television streaming service for the iOS devices.


Apple is rumored to be planning for service through which they can offer entire television channels as apps on the number of Cupertino labeled devices, including the less-popular Apple TV set-top box, and maybe especially for the upcoming Apple HDTV device that has been in rumor mill from a long time. The sources over New York Post is remain unknown to us, but reported that Apple is seeking to bundle different channels applications into a single, to offer different television streaming packages to their users.

However, the source also told the publication that Apple had recently contacted different cable provider companies to be work with their services, and wants them to adopt Apple’s sleek hardware and software for their services, but it is reported that cable companies become evil and pushed down the Apple’s proposal.