Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Apple Is Seeking For LTE Expert, Confirms Apple Is Testing LTE iPhone

While reporting on the iPhone 5 launch and specification leaks rumor, no one surely claims that what kind of exact features iPhone 5 will carry, everyone comes up with their own sources claimed and discoveries, in all of the specification revealing war, we noted LTE capability feature in next generation iPhone is one of the hottest topic there, last week BGR has give some fire to dead topic that they got proof from their carrier sources that Apple is testing its next generation iPhone with LTE-Capabilities on major carriers, such as AT&T and then after few days, we heard that AT&T has also begun installing 4G LTE equipments in Apple Stores. Today it is reported that Apple has some Job listing, and guess what? They are seeking for field test engineers with expert skills in LTE Technology.

So what’s next? A clean suggestion to the world that they are baking next generation iPhone with LTE capabilities, hope we will see LTE enabled iPhone in this fall, at least not in September, but somewhere earlier October. But if we look on the second side of the story is, we have bad news for LTE lovers, Apple has just hiring engineers on two year contract which means that they are not on corner with the new technology and as we all know still there are no proper LTE service available in big market areas of Apple, so its still chances that Apple will continue kicking its iPhone without LTE capabilities.


via Frobes