Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple Is Monopolizing Unibody Aluminum Supply. Ultrabook Makers Divert To Plastic

Possible MAC Book Air competitors were willing to compete the new sleek and slim design of the Apple’s MAC Book Air by making the same material which Apple used in its MAC Book Air. The move of the competitors wasn’t liked by Apple. so it started to monopolize the production of Unibody of Aluminum chassis supply.

The PC vendors got price restrictions for  unibody aluminum chassis and the capacity was made limited. Due to this they have chosen new materials,such as high-density fiberglass, and designs such as aluminum chassis with plastic internal parts, for their ultrabook models. According to digitimes :

The sources pointed out that the limited capacity is the major issue of the unibody chassis since each CNC machine can only produce one unibody chassis every three hours, meaning a machine can only produce eight pieces each day. Since Catcher Technology, the largest unibody chassis manufacturer in terms of capacity, is still suffering from the production stoppage at its plant in China, non-Apple vendors are mostly unable to retrieve enough unibody chassis supply for their ultrabooks as Catcher is giving Apple priority supply.

The new aluminum chassis with plastic internal parts make the outer look like make of metal, but all the inner parts are made of plastic, stuck with a glue. The new material is less expensive than the unibody Aluminum chassis. The sources also said that the unibody chassis costs about $40-$80, where as the plastic internal parts cost about $20-$30. This can help the PC makers to make the Ultrbook less than the cost of $1000, which can be a great competition for Apple in near future.

The new MAC Book Air’s account 28% of Apple’s Notebook sales. Where as the new Ultra Book is expected to account for 30-40% of total notebook shipment in near future.