Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

Apple Is Expected To Begin 7.85-inch iPad Production This Year

In addition to recent iPad 3 and newer iPad 2 model launch this week in an media event, Apple is reportedly working with manufacturing partners to solve out the problems and difficulties they are experiencing while presenting the recently rumored 7.85-inch iPad model for the users who want to enjoy iPad experience but obviously with lower money resources. DigiTimes has followed up their recent news, and reported that Apple is testing different 7.85-inch iPad prototypes with its manufacturing partners to sort out all the issues, and then select the most correct prototype to push it ahead to massive production of the model.

According to the DigiTimes report, Apple is expected to push the newer 7.85-inch iPad massive production in the earlier third quarter of this year. The report also bets on the upcoming device price range and announces that smaller iPad will  launch in the market with a price range of $249-$299, while the early morning rumored 8GB iPad 2 model to be land in market with a price tag of $349-$399.


Apple is also expected to continue selling its 16GB iPad 2 model at $449, right after the announcement of iPad 3 series, and in try to bring more devices range into its low-end users devices. Apple is working hard to bring their devices to such users who are not in range to purchase new higher end iPad, and leave the iPad for its high cost. The smaller iPad is expected to be get a name of iPad Mini, and for surely it is not going to carry the larger Retina Display on it, as it help Apples in reducing the device cost overall  in the production process of the device.