Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Is About To Ship 5 Million iPad 2 Units This Month

Another report comes up from the rumor mill of Digitimes, which claims that Apple is planning to ship about 5 million iPad 2 units in this month of July, in the actual report of Digitimes while citing with their sources they claimed that Apple has placed an order of 5 million touch sensors to its part production partners for the iPad 2 units.



Five million touch sensors for the iPad 2 will be shipped in July, according to sources with Appleā€™s supply chain. Shipments in June were also five million

They believed that behind this bulk order of touching sensor is placed because in the last month of June, Apple successfully managed to ship 5 million iPad 2 units, and for the amazing growth they placed the order for 5 Million touch sensors. In another report from the same source, we heard that Apple is about to ship 15 Million iPhone 5 units in September and already placed the order.