Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple iPhone 4S Updated Specification Page Hints GLONASS GPS Support

It appears that Apple has quietly done some changes on the iPhone 4S specification page and adds the compatibility of the new GPS into the device, the iPhone 4S now not only supports the Assisted GPS but also will supports GLONASS, the special Russian version GPS system and location calculation. Right on the iPhone 4S last week, Apple has not mentioned the support of GLONASS GPS support in iPhone 4S.

Yesterday they have quietly upgrades the iPhone 4S with GLONASS support under iPhone 4S GPS support; just two weeks ago Russia has launched the last of 24 satellites to acquire the global location coverage, and currently setting the state of GLONASS to its full operational that had been lost in somewhere in late 1990s.

GLONASS is the specially designed for the Russia, and currently limited only to the Russia usage, at the current stage few global positioning hardware and software are capable of reading and monitoring of this geo-technology to get more accurate geo-location of the device and user.  It seems that iPhone 4S is now capable of both Assisted and GLONASS GPS which could obviously boost its location based services in Russia to get more accurate location, it’s unclear to say whether the iPhone 4S is going to support this technology worldwide basis for more accurate location.

It’s also worth note here that only U.S Apple Store has listed this new feature of iPhone 4S in specification page, while all other countries still showing the Assisted GPS feature only in the iPhone 4S, let’s wait for Apple to comment on this openly.