Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Apple iPhone 4 Launching in India This Friday [Confirmed]

For the first time Bharti Airtel and Aircel are joining hands together to amaze the people of India by bringing the iPhone 4 to India officially this Friday.

They said before that they will launch the iPhone 4 in India in coming Months. Though no words on pricing, Availability,launch costs, and subsidies have been said till now. Aircel will be the first operator to launch iPhone 4 in India.

Looks like iPhone 4 Promotion on Aircel Website has started.

The pricing for the iPhone4 is expected to be IRs. 34,500 ($760) for the 16 GB model and IRs. 40,900 ($900) for the 32 GB one.

“Following an upfront payment of Rs. 34,500 for the 16GB model and Rs. 40,900 for the 32GB model, customers will have the opportunity to recover 100 percent of their upfront iPhone cost in monthly credits on their service plan over a period of 24 months.”

Below are the Postpaid Plans for the iPhone 4 as mentioned by thenextweb:

Here are the Prepaid Plans:

The payment method will be the same as AT&T. You will have to pay upfront for the iPhone 4 and rest you can pay for 2-Years to cover the cost of iPhone 4.

So India mark 27th May 2011 on your Calendars and get your Wallets, Credit Cards, Debit Cards ready for 27th May 2011.

So whose in for an iPhone 4?

via [macstories]