Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD Comparison

While iPad Mini by Apple has an altogether different target audience, the rivals- Google Nexus 7 as well as Amazon Kindle Fire HD focused on that area where Apple was certainly not interested- the targeted smaller screens and even better, the smaller price tag. As a result, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD are received warmly by the huge audience. As far as Apple iPad Mini is concerned, it is the cheapest and smaller iPad in the segment so far. Let us find out which one is better among these three through this detailed comparison.

Release Date

While Nexus 7 as well as Kindle Fire HD have been launched earlier and were on sale since a long time now, Apple’s iPad Mini has been made available quite recently.


The Wi-Fi versioned iPad Mini starts at £269 (US$329, AU$369) for the 16GB model going up to £349 (US$429, AU$479) for the 32GB model and £429(US$529, AU$589) for the 64GB. The mobile broadband connections costs even higher than this!

Contrarily, the rival tablets come with a price tag of £159(US$199, AU$192) and £199(US$199, AU$192). However, if you look at it on papers, Amazon’s tablet offers maximum value for money. Nexus 7 which has 8 GB storage in comparison to Kindle Fire HD’s 16 GB is available at a cheaper price. But the Nexus 7 which has 16 GB memory is expensive than the Kindle’s 32 GB model.


Apple iPad Mini offers dual-core Apple A5 processor which probably runs at 1GHz. Kindle Fire HD processor is the dual-core model running at 1.2GHz. On the other hand, Nexus 7 processor is Tegra 3, a quad-core rated at 1.3GHz.

All these devices have processors which offer full-day battery life but Kindle’s fire HD offers 11 hours of battery life with continuous usage in comparison to 10 hours of iPad Mini and 9 hours of Nexus 7.

Operating System

While iPad Mini runs on iOS 6 operating system, Google’s Nexus 7 runs on latest Jelly Bean. Kindle Fire HD is highly customized and so it keeps mum on the origin. Customization can however mean that it offer some of the interesting features such as parental controls.


Apple’s iPad Mini offers 7.9-inch 1024×768 display with lowest screen resolution. Other two rivals offer 7” 1280×800 HD displays with Gorilla Glass. However Amazon offers edges with polarising filter and anti-glare technology.


Both iPad Mini and Nexus 7 have 1.2 MP front-facing camera for video chats. Kindle on the other hand offers HD front-facing camera for video chat. iPad Mini comes with 5 MP rear camera as well as 1080p video recording.iPad-mini-vs-Kindle-Fire-HD-vs-Nexus-71

Dimensions and Weight

The Nexus 7 is 198.5 x 120 x 10.45 millimeters and weighs 340 grams. On the other hand Kindle Fire HD is heavier and shorter at 193 x 137 x 10.3 millimeters and 395 grams. Overall, the dimensions of iPad Mini are 200 millimeters higher, 134.7 millimeters wide and 7.2 millimeters deep and it stands at 308 grams which makes it the lightest one among the three.


A clear advantage that goes with iPad Mini is that it offers cellular connectivity while Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD only offer Wi-Fi. Still, as far as the connectivity goes, the two rivals of iPad Mini have their own special features such as NFC and GPS. iPad Mini misses out on NFC clearly. Then there comes the issue of price. Of course with a heavy price, Apple makes it very clear that it is not targeting the low-end audience. But is the heavy price difference justified? More details will be known once we get hands-on experience in testing the iPad Mini as well. Which one do you like among the three, let us know from your comments.

Here is a short synopsis of the entire review through comparison of the features and specs of the three tablets: