Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple Won Over Proview “iPad” Trademark Dispute In China

In the ongoing legal battle between Proview and Apple in China on the rights of “iPad” moniker, the court has just sided with Apple and handed over the ownership of “iPad” trademark to Apple finally. It is reported that Apple has just successfully made its impression in the court with its strong facts about the Proview dispute of owning the rights of “iPad” moniker in China. It is stated that on hearing Apple’s lawyer made some logical arguments, and won the battle without disclosing any legal information about their years ago deal with UK Proview on the purchase of “iPad” moniker.

Last week, in the hearing Apple’s lawyer stated that Proview has no live product with the iPad name, and as well as no customers with such a product name in the market, and banning of popular Apple’s iPad in China will also hurt the China’s national interest, as the Chinese people clearly know about the Apple’s product and their capabilities. It seems that court has just sided with Apple on their lawyer argument of banning iPad in China would also “hurt China’s national interest.”



If you don’t know anything about this trademark dispute fight between both companies, here is a little preview of the story: Couple of months ago, Proview had sued Apple in China on the use of trademark “iPad” in China, and claimed to be owned the rights on the “iPad” moniker. Moreover, Proview initially succeeded against Apple, as the few local courts just sided with Proview on the dispute and disgrace the Apple and UK Proview deal of “iPad” moniker, in the spite of initial success over Apple. Proview started pressurizing China’s custom agencies to block the import and export of iPad in China, and as well as started suing retailers in China, who was offering iPad in the China’s mainland. However, now according to the report, the Shanghai court finally sided with Apple on iPad trademark dispute.