Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Apple To Release iPad 3 and Samsung To Beat Apple With Tablet In February

We have already countless rumors on the Apple’s iPad 3 launch in this year and for the next year. As we all know, Apple has not released any new tablet in 2011 after the release of iPad 2. So, its must that they will launch the device in 2012 with some stunning specifications and design, which help them in ruling technology world for years. Several sources have already given their updates to the world that Apple might be looking forward to launching its iPad 3 in the start of 2012, but no one has quoted any date and month for the iPad 3 launches. However, there is also a little confusion going, as some sources claimed they hear from Apple RD that they will release two iPad’s in 2012. One is iPad 3 and second is iPad 2S which is rumored to launch in the start of 2012, where iPad 3 to come in the mid of 2012.

In addition to the report, the analyst of Citi, Richard Gardner issues a research note today claiming that his several sources claimed that Apple will launch next-gen iPad in February, and stunningly it will support the long rumored Retina Display on it. The analyst also says that there is no technical hurdle presents anymore in the production of next gen iPad with higher specifications.

On the other side of coin, BGR – the tech blog has just reported that they have learned from the sources that Samsung is looking forward to launching an 11-6 inch tablet running the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on it, and most stunningly carries the latest display technology of “Retina”, the same technology on which Apple was struggling for more than the year to announce a product.

Samsung is also reportedly to introduce the new product at Mobile World Congress in February, the same month on which Apple is rumored to launch iPad 3 with similar technology. Samsung is reported to power their newly rumored tablet with dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU clocked at 2GHz. The site also reports that Samsung is to feature their tablet with Android Beam for easy syncing with their newly introduced Galaxy Nexus.