Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple iPad 3 Launch Date India 27th April – Price Starts at 30500 INR

Long wait and anticipation for the Apple iPad 3 is over now. The Apple lovers can rejoice once again as its third generation of iPad is soon to become entry in the Indian markets. The iPad 3 is now due to hit the Indian stores on 27th April 2012 and with the price tag attached of Rs. 30,500. Its very attractive price as many apple fans were waiting for Apple Ipad Launch Date India.

What’s great in iPad 3?

Just pick up the latest iPad 3 and you will see that it is great and clear. You can touch the pictures, read the book, play piano and do everything that you feel like. In order to make the iPad 3 experience better and amazing, the camera, display and wireless connection features are greatly enhanced in the latest version of the iPad. All this makes the iPad 3 a great device that the Apple lovers would surely enjoy using.

Apple Ipad 3
Apple Ipad 3

Apple iPad 3 Price Range of various Models 

While the most affordable model of the new iPad 16 GB is available at Rs. 30,500, the 32GB and 64GB models can be purchased at Rs. 36,500 and Rs. 42,500 respectively. Also, it is believed that the device will be available in white and black colors. Both Wi Fi 4G and Wi Fi versions will be there in all the models.

Design and style

Talking about its design, the latest model will be approximately 9.4mm thick and will be featured with the Retina Display. Being powered by the quad core graphics using the A5X chip, the gadget sports 5 MP camera as well.

The latest iPad is in fact a bit heavier and thicker than iPad 2 but if you have not used the iPad 2, you will be highly impressed with the latest gadget. The overall design is stylish and premium.

Features to enjoy in the latest iPad

Siri, the great feature in iPad 3 will be all liked by the Apple fans. With iOS 5, the gadget will have Siri so that the users can enjoy the feature and technology to the fullest. With release of the iPad 3 in the Indian markets, the brand has reduced the prices for iPad 2 considerably. The predecessor is featured with the price tag RRs 24,500 and its highest version costs at around Rs. 32,900.

The popular feature that will be there to enjoy in iPad 3 is the Thunderbolt technology. It allows the users to transfer or copy things from the same port. Talking about more facilities, the iPad 3 features faster processor so that the graphics produced are better and top notch.

Facilities sure shot hit in the new device

The mobile users will surely be surprised to see 4G LTE technology in the iPad 3 that offers fast way to download the things. The battery life is just the same like iPad 2 i.e. 10 hours in case of standard usage and 9 hours when 4G is enabled.

The Apple iPad 3 is loaded with even the great HD FaceTime chat option for the Front Facing camera and the rear camera might be 8 or 9 MP with camera flash. So, with such features and facilities, the Apple iPad 3 will surely be a success in the Indian markets.