A quick new report comes to us suggesting that Apple has increase the iPad 2 shipment orders from their main iOS supplier Foxconn, recently it was reported that Apple to ship 14 million iPad 2s in Q3 of 2011. Now the report suggests a significant increase in the orders of iPad 2 from 14 million estimates to 20 million units for Q3, says Taiwan Economic News. The report also notes this marks a significant 42.8% increase from its original projection” made in July. We have seen a significant increase in the sales of iPad 2, as Apple has shipped more than 9.25 million iPad 2 units in Q2, and as reported by analyst’s reports its obvious increase in the orders of iPad 2 for Q3.



It has also reported that at the same time, LG the first attention of Apple for iPad 2 display has also announced that they have fixed the issue with iPad 2 display screens. Apple has already on the move, getting away from the Samsung, due to ongoing lawsuit fight between both companies.