Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Newly Released iOS 5.0.1r2 For iPhone 4S Makes Siri Port Legal

Few hours ago, we have reported you about the release of the revise version of the iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S by Apple, which is known by iOS 5.0.1r2 update in jailbreak community. It appears that Apple is trying to open some gates for the hackers to bring its most famous Siri out of from the iPhone 4S, and made it available on the iPhone 4 officially. iPhone 4S Siri port on iPhone 4 is a long story, let me cut it and comes to the point directly, recently it was impossible to port the Siri on iPhone 4 legally because of the non-availability of the iPhone 4S files for the general public. However, the new iOS 5.0.1r2 comes up with the answer to the problem and made the Siri port for the iPhone 4 much easier for the hackers, as reported by the MuscleNerd.

It appears that Apple has releases the iOS 5.0.1r2 for iPhone 4S with decrypted ramdisks of the firmware, which means that anyone can easily download the iPhone 4S firmware easily and can extract the required files from the firmware and install them on iPhone 4 with the requirement of the little custom written piece of code. As the iOS 5.0.1r2 update download is publicly available from Apple’s server, so anyone can easily get hands on the firmware file with the idea of Siri port on iPhone 4 with a lot of legal steps.

Recently, the Siri port was illegal due to encrypted ramdisks of the iPhone 4S firmware, which prevents the hackers from decrypting them and made them available publicly on the internet, but now as Apple has opened its gate by default, so hackers can easily post Siri on iPhone 4 legally without having any sort of legal notice problem from Apple.

We don’t know, why Apple has released the revised version of the iOS 5.0.1r2 with such decrypted ramdisks, which allow hackers to obtain Siri files from the iPhone 4S firmware easily and allow them to port it on iPhone 4. We have not many words on it, but can say we will keep you update on it, as soon as we get any update!