Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Invisibly Filtering The Outgoing MobileMe Email Content– (REPORT)

A shocking news just arrived from the tables of CultofMac, which claims that Apple is invisibly filtering the all outgoing email messages from its MobileMe webmail app service, means that if Apple founds any content from the written an outgoing mail they will not send out the mail, and even does not bother you tell why. According to the test report, it seems that Apple’s MobileMe servers is only filtering outgoing messages for spam and objectionable political content, without informing users.


In our tests, Apple’s MobileMe web interface consistently filtered one specific message that was phrased like a political mass email. It appears that in an overzealous attempt to discourage spammers and mass emailers from using, Apple is simply refusing to send any outgoing email sent through their web app that triggers their anti-spam, mass email conditions…

They have tried several different ways to send such mails which contains the political words and seems to be politician hate email through the MobileMe webmail app, and found that email is not delivering, but when they tried to send the normal mail from the webmail the message successfully delivering to the source emails. We already know that most email service hosts do some sort of filtering to reduce spam from their service, like they prevent you from doing bulk sending many mails and auto responding to too many people, but Apple filtering seems to be unique is based on the content level and also don’t bother you to inform, why your precious piece of your talk is not delivered to your source.