Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple Starts Hunting iOS Apps That Access UDID Information

Sometime ago, we have reported that Apple is planning to take some significant moves against the applications and the developers who are seeding applications in the iOS devices’ App Store to gather user’s personal information silently from their devices. It had been coupled of times reported that Apple kicks out the certain application from the App Store for violating that rule, but now it is reported that Apple has started flagging the applications and developers in their iOS App Store that are using UDID information on user’s devices.

The UDID is a kind of unique term that helps Apple and other regulators in looking for a certain device, and its owner, mostly it is used among the developers, as Apple allowed them to register their applications for beta testing without even launching the app and games in the App Store. The UDID is also very dangerous, as it can easily reveal all the information regarding you. Every iOS device contains unique UDID key, so there will be no error in the uniqueness of this UDID key on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.


Apple has reportedly started kicking out the applications and games from the App Store that are accessing the UDID data to make a chart or track the downloads of the applications at developer’s end, and starts alerting the developers to update their applications with some more security, as if the Apple Store team caught you with the hidden code accessing the UDID data, you will be kicked immediately from the App Store. It is said that two out of Apple’s ten App Store teams are now completely working on the project to remove the applications from the App Store that are using Apple’s UDID information, and reportedly, the other teams will join them shortly.

Recently, including all the major mobile vendors, Apple also targeted by the Senate members, as the couple of iOS applications been caught using the user’s personal information, like the Path, uploading the entire user’s address book to its server for providing a quick service back to the users. However, the issue is resolved now, but started another movement in the world against the such apps that are sniffing the user personal information without any kind of permission.