Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Holds Overnight On Tuesday To Possibly Launch OS X Lion On Wednesday

As it was recently rumored by several reports that Apple will host an overnight event in Apple Retail Store for the decoration of OS X Lion launch, so adding more details to the recent news folks over 9to5mac claims that Apple will do overnight on Tuesday and will launch Mac OS X Lion on Wednesday, in the yesterday report we have got words that Apple will release the OS X Lion on Wednesday morning about 8:30 AM. They added some more detail in the claim and said that stores have received packages which contain posters for both front of Stores and for inner decoration.

OS X Lion

Addition to this report we have already hear that Apple Retail chain has received a LaCie hard drives loaded with Golden Master of OS X Lion installation files for the demo Macs present at the floor of retail stores. Another source has also claimed that Apple to host event on OS X Lion, on which they invite some customers to perform live downloading of OS X Lion, right standing on the floor of Apple Store. After this its pretty confirmed that Apple will kick out OS X Lion on Wednesday along with the hardware updates, such as a refreshed models of MacBook Airs.