Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Holding It’s Special Event On 7th September 2011

Okay, guys at last when we read this news we took a deep breath because at last the rumors and leaks which were blowing up and up will now lay down because at last some sources report that the usual Apple Event which takes place in Fall is on 7th of September 2011 and without even thinking everyone’s mind will pop up saying

  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 3

Well this will happen for sure, but guess what ? Usually this event releases the latest music devices by Apple i.e iPod and remember, rumors were also alive for a white iPod touch with 3G connectivity. This year from the WWDC’11 until now only the things which were going on was the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and a a white iPod touch with 3G connectivity. What do you say will Apple pass on without announcing the iPhone and iPad or will jump up with the new range of iDevices.

The last rumors which were blown about iPhone 5 was that it will be released in the last week of September or in October and before that it was said that iPhone will launch some where in September. Well according to the consequences this event is going to be a real big thing for everyone who is waiting for some new iDevices even though if Apple doesn’t announce iPhone 5 or iPad 3, we guess White iPod Touch with 3G connectivity should be announced in this event.

Below are the pics of an iPhone 5, iPad 3 and a White iPod Touch (Rumored)

So what do you say folk’s ?

via (MacRumors)