Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple HDTV In New iMacs – Analysts, Are You Kidding?

We have already a hell of analyst claims that totally blows your mind regarding the launches of the future devices from the Apple. These days, the most hottest topic is the upcoming long rumored Apple Television, which was mentioned by the Walter Isaacson in Steve Jobs Biography official book.  We have already heard the two or more research notes from the analyst reports, but does they make any sense?  (According to me: Analysts are always wrong.)

We don’t know, why there are a large number of analysts present to made predictions on the upcoming products, when they don’t know anything. According to a new report from Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, Apple will not introduce any stand alone product that carries their HDTV with rumored specifications instead they will make the iMacs with capability of Televisions and to help them in cracking the television world with their innovative technology.

The analyst said that Apple will push their iMac with larger screens to carry the Apple Television and iCloud features and help them in achieving their goal of introducing an Apple Television. By the way, where goes the “Siri” for Apple TV, which was discussed earlier? It appears that analyst missed out the rumor report on which insider reports that Apple might integrate their Siri functionality to Apple HDTV, in order to introduce something new in the market. Analyst also believes that Apple to slightly pushes the iMac size from 27-inch to 32” and then later 42, 50 and 55” to meet the market demand.

In short, analyst wants to say that Apple is developing a single product from many years to accomplish the two tasks and to overcome the thoughts of their users. So, what do you think? How it feels? When you can easily switch your iMac (hanged on the wall) between Television and (Mac OS) powered desktop.  Well, it seems pretty interesting, but is it really makes any sense? Alternatively, help Apple in achieving what they are looking for several last years?

According to Jobs claimed, it was rumored that he wanted to kill of the “remote controller” system in the Television world, and wanted to introduce a product that revolutionized the world.