Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple HDTV Already Present In Third-Party Labs, Features Siri & Hand Gestures

It appears that the days are finally there, as the sources start opening their mouths regarding the appearance and existence of Apple’s long rumored Apple HDTV. The most recently we heard from the big retailer Best Buy, who believes that initial Apple HDTV will pack at least 42-inch display screen at home and will be soon available in a market with the price tag of $1499. Well the tomorrow news was just a simple dream concept of the biggest retailer and carries no reality. This morning right after the story, we come across to a new report by The Globe and Mail, which reports that Apple is actively and in the full form to ink a deal with Canada’s Rogers Communications and BCE Inc. for their upcoming Apple HDTV.

The news publication had recently revealed a bit more interesting tidbit regarding the Apple HDTV by telling the world that these partners already have the Apple HDTV (iTV) in the research labs to make it more compatible with their networks and to correct all the known bugs in the communication with their networks. The publication also reports that their sources confirmed them about the integration of Siri voice control system into the core of the device, and the interesting new feature in the device which lets you to control the television with few hand gestures.

Apple HDTV is also rumored to be carrying an on-screen keyboard and the capability to go throw webs, and initially support the social website networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Globe and Mail is one of the largest Canada’s national newspaper, with having strong sources around the tech companies to support their channel by breaking new stories on their tables. Apple HDTV is said to be another revolutionary device with carrying the couple of revolutionary features, like Siri voice control system and hand gestures to control the device without a physical remote control of the device.