Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Has Started Work On Mac OS X 10.8 Development (PROOF)

It is widely reported by the different web sources that Mac OS X 10.8 start appearing on their web logs, it is reported that Apple has been testing Mac OS X 10.8 with external testers near with the sources closer to the project. It seems that Apple has begun the work on next major update to its Mac OS X 10.8 after launching the Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) in mid of this year.

Apple has seeded the final version of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) to the users in this July. Apple released the new OS X through the new Mac AppStore and currently working with developers on the sub updates for the OS X Lion to fix the few major bugs from OS and trying to make it compatible with all the Apple hardware products. Mac OS X Lion 10.7 is said to be the first OS X version to be distributed through the digital software market of Apple aka Mac AppStore.

Mac OS X Lion is one of the most successful launches of the Apple OS in the past few years, the new OS X includes the iOS-like interface and carries the new Multi-Touch gestures, and numerous improvements to the core applications of Mac OS X, such as Mail, iChat. Apple has almost killed the box based software applications with the launch of Mac OS X Lion, and reportedly claimed that they will revolutionize the world once again.

While Apple has yet to announce anything about the Mac OS X 10.8, next major update to its Mac OS X, evidence of an operating system just start appearing all over the world on the internet. Some big websites just noticed in their web log that a new kind of Mac OS version is started appearing on their blogs or forum. We can easily deny these symptoms of Mac OS X 10.8 but most of the visits to the servers were from the Apple, Inc. IP address or from the surrounding areas. The site administrators also reported that they had seen the similar evidence back in 2009 for the Mac OS X 10.7, but they didn’t give it so much value.
Well, we can’t say anything about the Mac OS X 10.8 production, the information, we got it from our servers and from other, servers only show the OS X 10.8 There will be a lot of buzzes on the production of OS X 10.8. What about the name of this OS?