Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Apple Has Started To Test iOS 5 Widly

As we know before a lot of time that iOS 5 will be launching after June, as the signs have been seen about iOS 5. Some developers were giving a sign of there applications getting tested on iOS 5 by Apple. We got a picture from 9 to 5 Mac which is showing the iDevices updated to iOS 5.



They also said some words about iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS

Also interesting is that we’ve seen iPhone 3GS’s getting tested (not in the screenshot above, obv).  It isn’t immediately clear if the final version of iOS 5 will support iPhone 3GS, but we do know Apple is testing it.

So guy’s it means that we will be running out iDevices on iOS 5 after June because Apple is going to release the beta to WWDC in June. We can hope some new interface in the upcoming iOS 5, we think the Dev. Team should start working on the jailbreak of iOS 5. We will be updating you when the beta will be submitted to WWDC.