Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Has More Cash Than Entire United States Government

You guys must have to agree with me on this, Apple is reaching heights of success day by day, last time we have reported that Apple has beat the Nokia in unit sales and becomes the world largest mobile phone vendor, but now it seems Apple has also beat the White House guys in hand money, yeah!. Apple has more cash in hand than the entire United States Government, now we can say that Steve Jobs is the new Uncle Sam. According to the report, Apple has astounding $75.88 billion in cash, where US government has only $73.77 in hand, at this time theses stats makes Apple the World’s richest company or one of the richest country.  On this Financial Post reports, you can check the United States Treasury by yourself and also checks the Apple’s last earning calls, and compare it by yourself.

We have also hear Apple is in talk to buy the Hulu and even the Barnes and Nobles, which make more money for Apple, and in the near future we can expect Apple to launch fifth generation of iPhone that will boost the company shares in the market, and Apple will reach new height of success.