Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple Going To Hold The Memorial For Jobs’s Friends & Colleagues On October 16

As we reported a week back that folks at Apple decided for a memorial of Steve Jobs to take place on October 19th for the Apple employees and was going to be held at Cupertino campus at 10 AM. Well the WSJ guys have reported that on October 19th its the private memorial in which only the company employees will be seen but around the corner on October 16th, the memorial of Jobs’s for his friends plus his colleagues and Silicon Valley’s folks are invited in Stanford University at the evening. The event will be on Sundays evening.


Apple Inc. has invited some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names to a memorial service for Steve Jobs Sunday, Oct. 16, according to a copy of the invitation and several invitees.

The great Jobs passed back on October 5, one day after the iPhone 4S announcement and it was reported that Jobs say the event from his home. Some of the sources also claimed that Jobs’s has sealed the upcoming products of next four years with the mixtures of his ideas and thoughts. The Steve Jobs Memorial for the employees will be on October 19 at 10 AM on Wednesday.