Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Apple Gives Major Overhaul to “About This Mac” In Mac OS X Lion

Almost every user of Mac OS X knows and familiar with “About this Mac” window, which gives the user quick access to the system’s vital information, and available right under the Apple menu. So the point of this discussion, in the previous versions of Mac OS X, like Snow Leopard or older we get “more info” button in the “About this Mac” window, on which clicking it drives us to the System Profiler, which includes the too much information about the mac for the average user. But now as we know, Apple has made lot of changes in the Mac OS X Lion, in addition to all features,  Apple has change the little bit function of the “About This Mac” it still looks like before, but the “more info” button now contains some more tricks than before.


So we have just compiled the some screenshots of the system here, give a look at the below pictures:

Now have a look at the tabs in the window, which comes up with the key information:

Well according to the announcement by Apple, Mac OS X Lion will be available in the Mac App Store at $29.99